Our company

Soors.it is a comparative platform allowing companies of all sizes to explore, compare and source the right technology and solutions to build and manage your digital events based on your specific requirements and needs.   

Our objective is to connect event professionals to the solutions that match their needs.  

Who we are

A bunch of French tech experts involved in the event industry for years. In 2015, our founder Julien Carlier, President of MPI France/ Switzerland launched ComInTech, an event gathering professionals looking for inspiration and industry insights where they could hear and learn about ground-breaking innovation changing the way events are run.  

Connected to the French event tech ecosystem recognised as one of the top active and innovative “event tech nation”, the team of experts have been supporting organisations and event professionals in France and globally providing them with guidance and insights to become the 'go-to' source and consultants about the latest digital and tech solutions.  

In 2020, as most events turned digital and virtual, technology and innovation evolved at a fast rate providing a wide range of new functionalities and opportunities. The market changed for good and so as the number of players providing solutions to run virtual events! With this new global event landscape, more and more professionals and organisations of all sizes have now to look up for digital solutions to meet, network and do business with their clients, partners or connect their employees, students and more... 

  Given the increasing number of requests and need for information and advice received by the team, Soors.it was then imagined and designed to help event professionals stay up-to-date and most importantly guide them in their decision-making process.

What we do

Soors.it allows you to understand and get more clarity and knowledge on who does what and who’s most relevant to deliver the best digital experience and tools to your event strategy and objectives. 

Most vendors have been checked by our team of tech and event experts, part of the data and information available have been collected based on vendors’ declarations. Our team has sourced, scanned and listed providers and solutions worldwide to provide the most accurate and detailed technical information and features available on the market.

Soors.it provides an exhaustive list of over 280 features from the most generic to the most technical aspects of the event management requirements. You will find a definition for each feature to guide you and ensure that it is what you need and look for as an event organiser. With this high level of details, specificities and facts, you might even discover new services and opportunities that could prove to be essential to your event!  

Using Soors.it allows you to refine your search by vendor’s name, features or key words. Select the top vendors matching your requirements and then compare the solutions and services they provide to help you go forward and make your decision. Once you have shortlisted vendors, you can contact them in one click to request a demo, making your sourcing process effective and easy.  

  In addition to this, Soors.it aims to be a platform where you can find high quality content and tips designed by our event and meeting industry experts: interviews, market reports, eBooks…  

  Every week Soors.it also features and shares a carefully curated selection of industry articles, blogs and articles so that you won’t miss the content that matters!   

If after comparing solutions, you are still unsure about which one to go for, our dedicated team of senior consultants are here to answer your questions, provide advice and training with a particular focus on Digital Events, CRM, Marketing and Social Media automation or event software functionalities. 

Get in touch at asktheexpert@soors.it

Vendors and solutions
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