by aventri

The intelligent meetings & events platform

About this software

aventri is the leading event management platform for data-driven organizations to optimize events. The success oriented and cloud-based platform delivers innovative technology solutions to streamline the event process and increase ROI. Founded in 2008, aventri has assisted over 20,000 event professionals in planning, executing and measuring their events. With a focus on event sourcing, registration, marketing, logistics, engagement, mobile and data, the software solution has been able to serve more than 1,200 customers in corporations, associations, agencies and educational institutions.

Detailed features for this software

Virtual event platform

  • Virtual conference center
    • Protected access (security with password or magic link)
    • Agenda and programme
    • Plenary room
    • Breakout rooms
    • Lounges
  • Branding & Customization features
  • Multilingual
    • Languages front end
      • (Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (Mandarin), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai)
    • Languages back end
      • (English)

Digital live content

  • Speakers tools
    • Moderation tools
  • Professional live streaming
    • Multi-track streams / sessions
  • Record & replay
    • Video on demand (VOD)

Virtual event networking and engagement

  • Group Networking features
    • Group chat (text)
    • Group chat within a session
  • 1 to 1 Networking features
    • Attendee profiles
    • Attendee matchmaking based on profiles
    • Attendee matchmaking based on registration category
    • 1 to 1 meeting sheduling
  • Live Engagement features
    • Q&A
    • Quizz
  • Global Engagement features
    • Surveys

Virtual event sponsoring and revenue generation

  • Exhibition features
    • Attendee to / from exhibitor messages
  • Lead Management
    • Analytics / reports to demonstrate ROI to sponsors & exhibitors

Event marketing

  • Responsive website templates
  • Website builder - CMS
    • WYSIWYG editor (no html requiered)
    • Predefined template
    • HTML editor
    • Ability to create or import custom CSS
    • Ability to drag and drop
    • Image library
    • Image editor
    • Manage embed code and widgets
    • Custom content based on categories
    • Manage tracking code (analytics)
    • Support Javascript
    • Create hidden pages
    • Create password protected pages
    • Create custom Urls
    • SEO features
    • ecommerce feature
    • Multilevel pages of navigation
    • Compliant (integrated) with other modules of application
    • https compliant
    • Lists by attendee categories ( exhibitors, speakers,…)
    • Publish agenda, tracks and sessions
    • Duplicate website or template from one event to another
  • Email sending technology
    • Create email templates >>
    • Create emails with WYSIWYG editors or copy paste html
    • Include medias in emails
    • Add custom conditional content
    • Duplicate emails or templates >>
    • Include merge fields in emails
    • Resend emails if contact hasn't opened
    • Manage soft and hard bounces report
    • Link emails to event registration database
    • Create pre-approved registrant lists
  • Ability to send text message - push notification
  • Audience surveys - Polls-quiz >>
    • Create question types
    • Conditional surveys - skip logic
    • Reorder questions to page
    • Randomize questions
    • Randomize answers within questions
    • Prevent repeated responses
    • Use scoring for correct answers
    • Create charts
    • Export results
      • (Excel, CSV, XML, HTML)
    • Customize look and feel >>
    • Responsive - mobile friendly surveys
  • Database management
    • Create custom fields
    • Create list based on filters or selected values
    • Update fields based on campaign results
    • Export or import marketing lists

Online event registration

  • Registration form creation >>
    • Responsive design for mobile
    • Templates available
    • Look and feel customization with no HTML
    • Ability to customize or import CSS
    • Multiple steps/pages registration
    • Conditional registration based on profile
    • Manage session attendee capacity, waiting list
    • Attendee cap mananagement
    • Upload assets (photo, document) to registration
    • Manage travel and room bookings
    • Manage invitation letters
    • Create personnalized certificates
    • Group management
    • Automatic transactional emails
    • Create pre-approved registrant lists
    • Recognize and pre-load attendee data
    • Tax management
    • Discount code/rules management >>
    • Prevent duplicate registrations
    • Manage additional options/merchandise
    • Ability to customize and generate invoices
    • Attendee portal to modify registration
  • Mobile check-in
    • Check attendees in from the pre load list
    • Check attendees for sessions
    • Check-in via barcodes scanning
    • Send VIP alerts to organizers
    • Check in via smart badges

Event Reporting - BI - ROI

  • Templated budget reports
  • Pre-defined reports
  • Pre-defined templates
  • Cross-event reports
  • Template wizard
  • Customizable reports
    • Agregate multiple events in one dashboard
  • Dashboard and data vizualisation
  • Predictive forecast based on historical data
  • Create direct links to reports for non users
  • Built-in set of reports (transaction report, invoice report …)
  • Report export
    • (Excel, CSV, PDF)

Security - Transactions

  • Rest API
  • Encryption at rest
  • Payment gateways
  • PayPal
  • Instance type
  • SSO capabilities
    • SSO front-end
    • SSO back-end
  • PCI DSS level 1 certified
  • 3D secure payment compliant
  • Currencies accepted
  • Uptime guaranty by SLA
  • Localized servers data privacy & policies (based on declaration)
    • (Europe (GDPR compliance), USA, Australia)
  • VAT management
    • Itemized VAT percentage


  • API based integration
    • Encryption at rest
    • Bi-directional integrations
    • API localized in regions
  • Integration with CRM
  • Integration with ERP
  • Integration with marketing automation software
  • Integration with Housing and Travel and GDS
  • Integration with Association Management Software
  • Integration with social media
  • Integration with payment Gateway
  • Integration with mobile Apps
  • Integration with onsite technology
  • Integration with other applications

Support and customer services

  • Global vendor
  • Support
    • Chat
    • Form-ticketing
    • Telephone
    • email
    • Support response time SLA
      • (Less than 1h)
    • Support hours of operation
      • (24/7)


Company infos

aventri is a cloud-based event management company based in Norwalk, Connecticut. Apart from the US, aventri has offices in the UK, Australia and Singapore and covers the US, EMEA and APAC regions. The cloud-based platform empowers you to plan events, increase attendance and measure your performance & success. With a reputation for exceptional service and high touch, aventri founders transformed the company from an event services company to a software company. The software solution was a huge success and hasn’t stopped growing since 2008.

  • Headquaters : Headquarters US