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The JAM platform addresses the following challenges: While large meetings may last entire or multiple days, JAM sessions have a short live component of typically 120 minutes to ensure participant engagement. JAM incorporates proven techniques to accelerate the live meeting process while ensuring participants have time to consume the requisite information. Groups of 10-50 people can participate in discussions to resolve issues at face to face meetings. But online, it is difficult to replicate this exchange even if everyone can share video and voice technology. Crystal's solution utilises a new type of interactive capability via brainstorming, voting and discussion functions to enable large groups to reach consensus and identify actionable outcomes.

As an experienced events management player, key4events has a comprehensive offer of software solutions available to events organizers, PCOs, professional associations and businesses. Our teams support you throughout your conference cycle – before, during and afterwards, by controlling the field-level issues of an event and any challenges on the day.

Our Virtual Event Platform helps associations and meeting planners to captivate their online and live audiences and turn them into active communities. Our web app serves as the prime interface while the mobile app connects you continuously with your attendees. Setup in seconds and offering long-lasting value.

At the core of SaySom is the innovative communication system drawing its inspiration from reality itself to give you the most natural way to have a conversation with others. SaySom uses a special communication system where the digital rooms meet your requirements. Whether you want to have a conversation in a private area or share information with all users - SaySom offers the perfect platform.

Airmeet is an all-in-one platform to host immersive events and build real connections, online

The G+B Streaming Portal is a virtual event platform developed by us, where your guests can meet and exchange information digitally. The live stream of your event is integrated on the platform and is available to event visitors during and after the event. All participants can actively participate via various interaction options. If you are looking for a professional solution for event streaming, we offer you the ideal software!

Collect, manage, and share digital conference and trade show content using the eventScribe Live online events platform. Made for hybrid, virtual, and digital events.

A dedicated live streaming department offering a range of streaming solutions to ensure every online or hybrid event is well-attended and delivered to the same exacting standards as any live event. Showcase’s service offering includes, event streaming, fully virtual and hybrid events that use a combination of film and green screen technology. Fully virtual events can be created using the latest in green screen technology and 3d animation bringing speakers in different locations to your event stage. Showcase have developed a dedicated ‘virtual online platform’ to showcase the event during lead-up as well as hosting the event. The portal can be tailored to your needs, it can fulfil delegate registration with an ecommerce option to manage all ticket purchasing should your event be pay-to-attend. Hybrid events comprise of a mix of a physical audience and virtual audience. Perfect for a confex or awards ceremony and set within a traditional event venue, hybrid enables large audience partic

One-stop-shop solution for your virtual events Looking for a webinar platform that allows you to do more apart from just hosting? Switch to Eventzilla virtual add-on to set up, host, manage registrations & promote webinars, live streams, and other virtual events natively within Eventzilla. Eventzilla Virtual add-on is brought to you by Eventzilla Joinlive, a comprehensive virtual event hosting platform.

Easy-to-host virtual happy hours. Get together for 1:1 or small group chats where everyone feels seen and heard. Host virtual events your community will want to gather around. Create stronger networks and let ideas travel. Create virtual conferences that inspire and entertain. And do it more easily than you imagined.

Xpro.AI is world's first AI Powered Virtual Events and Virtual Expo Platform performing exhibitor ROI & attendees analysis together. Xpro.AI lets you envision future of Event Industry as the best of both worlds, a virtual & hybrid events experience. Xpro.AI helps organizations, corporates and event professionals host their massive networking and secured events using its unique and exceptional in-built features. Xpro.AI is an all-inclusive and one stop solution for your virtual & hybrid events. Xpro.AI features include the following: ✅ Customized 3D design to create an exciting & gamified experience ✅ Exhibitor/visitor ROI ✅ Event & Exhibitor Branding ✅ AI suggested data ✅ 1000+ Customizable designs ✅ Seamless support for your next virtual event With Xpro.AI, all your virtual events can be organized on your finger tips and with an exceptional intelligence. It's a true to life experience never felt before.

Eventsforce provides SaaS event management software that allows organisations to run successful virtual, hybrid and in-person events. With offices in London (UK) and Denver (US), its customers span 14 different countries and represent some of the leading names in finance, education, government, associations, PCOs and publishing. Its highly customisable software provides a complete end-to-end management solution that addresses every aspect of the event lifecycle – from event planning, marketing and registration, to virtual content delivery, on-site management, mobile apps, abstracts and awards management, analytics and reporting.

Shocklogic provides event management technology software and solutions for events. This includes membership management, event registration, scanning, ticketing, badging and other online event software solutions. Shocklogic understands the needs of the meetings industry like no other technology company. 

Current video conferencing platforms are designed for lectures and meetings; Gatherly is designed for events. Our platform allows you to host online events where participants can seamlessly flow between one-on-ones, smaller huddles, and bigger groups.

Cadence is an all-in-one tool that supports event organizers from the planning phase through execution and promotes connections and interactions among attendees during virtual events.

PheedLoop is a true end-to-end on-site, virtual and hybrid event management and engagement platform. PheedLoop supports everything from native streaming, virtual exhibit halls, badge printing, registration, synced speaker/exhibitor portals, and instant mobile apps, to on-site check-in, floor plans, automated surveys, native video networking, and exhibitor/sponsor monetization systems.

ReAttendance is the destination for fully virtual or hybrid events that allows attendees to network with freedom and event organisers to host exhibitions, performances and conferences with confidence. ReAttendance has inbuilt live video chat, networking function, fully interactive exhibition floor and live event help. Being able to have multiple live streams and rooms running simultaneously ReAttendance is the most flexible and engaging virtual events platform on the market. You can also use the other platforms such as Vimeo, Youtube, Soundcloud and Zoom integrated within the ReAttendance site should you wish to have it integrated within your schedule. The ReAttendance platform can provide fully public, invitation only and chargeable access events where you control the access of your attendees for multiple ticket types. Using secure payments with Stripe and Paypal it's easily accessible. Fully GDPR compliant and secure you can provide your events with confidence.

ViewStub is a live event platform that helps connect event organizers, speakers, and experiences to virtual attendees! As an interactive online community, anyone can attend live experiences virtually from anywhere, anytime. Connect with creator videos and experience real events virtually. Upload content or schedule a live stream to share your page with anyone, anytime, from anywhere! Start today to capture a new audience and drive new profit streams to your events or videos. ViewStubs Mission: "ViewStub is an online video marketplace where anyone can conveniently experience exclusive videos at any time. Watch from anywhere, without attending in person, and without a schedule or budget limitations. ViewStub is the easiest platform for event organizers and video content creators to generate new profit immediately from the first and every viewer!"​

Hopin is the first all-in-one live online events platform where attendees can learn, interact, and connect with people from anywhere in the world. Hopin events are known for their full conference capabilities: stages, networking, breakout sessions (roundtables), sponsors, tickets, and analytics. It's all online—everyone can attend at no cost to the planet.

EventMobi's end-to-end event management platform makes it easy for event organizers to plan, promote, monetize and deliver engaging virtual, hybrid and in-person event experiences. From website, registration and an award-winning event app, to the Virtual Space and fully managed online event production, the EventMobi platform has been used by 10,000+ event planners in 72 countries since 2009.

The intelligent solution to successfully conducting virtual events. Everything you need to run virtual or hybrid trade shows or events and build online communities

doo offers digital solutions for professional event management for companies, agencies and exhibitions. Customers of doo use their attendee data to increase their event and company success by automation and integration of data and processes.

Que votre événement soit 100% digital ou hybride CAPTAG accompagne les Marques et les agences depuis 10 ans via ses concepts clés-en-main ou sur mesure. BtoB, BtoC, VIP, associatif ou retail, nos solutions garantiront le succès opérationnel et expérientiel avant, pendant et après votre activation.

A socially-inspired, learning-oriented, end-to-end virtual events platform that brings people together and keeps them engaged.

We offer a modern palatform of virtual events that facilitates the learning of the participants and invites them to relate to each other and to participate remotely. Thanks to our VIRTUAL EXHIBITIONS, the sponsors of an event will have the opportunity to set up their own stand, where they can exhibit their products through images and videos, interact in real time with the attendees and encourage visits through games and gifts. It is also a great opportunity to expand the boundaries of your brand, globalize and market your products online, among many other advantages.

Virt-Us Live Brings together the best of live video conferencing, pre-recorded content, live streaming, and content-sharing into a single, fully customisable platform. Host meetings and events that are engaging, interactive, and scalable, into a single, easy to use platform that connects and engages your community. Virt-Us Live Is an intuitive online web-based event platform. Our team of experienced event, production, and development specialists can manage the platform for you, but we have built it so you can quickly, and with our help and support, become experts too.

Converia is the powerful conference management software that helps you with planning and running your event by providing perfectly coordinated features. All of them combined in one software. Clear, user-friendly and completely web-based. Our numerous features adjust to your individual conference. Select only those that you need, then the conference’s success is sure to follow.

For virtual event organizers looking to easily connect presenters and attendees together, the LoudSwarm web app offers a simple and all-in-one interface for presenters to live stream their talks and for attendees to interact with the other event participants.

Bizzabo is the only Event Success Platform. Bizzabo’s all-in-one event software enables in-person, virtual, and hybrid events to deliver unique attendee experiences through intelligent and intent-based personalized engagement. We help companies measure, manage, and scale events towards key business outcomes, empowering every organizer, marketer, exhibitor, and attendee to unleash the power of professional events. Bizzabo powers events for world-leading brands from Fortune 100 enterprise organizations and financial institutions to creative agencies and scaling tech companies.

Pathable’s award-winning cross-device desktop web and mobile experience platform combines cutting edge design, community features, integrated webinars and live video to deliver the unique value of events in an on-line only or hybrid event environment.

Attendify's next-generation virtual event platform helps you engage your attendees with meaningful networking and content experiences.

Konf is an all-in-one platform for small and medium-size virtual conferences and events. We help organizers create, curate, manage and organize their virtual conferences all in one place. No need to split work between other solutions and waste time on integrations.

A white labeled end-to-end event management solution for you to succeed with your online, offline or hybrid events worldwide.


GEVME is a virtual event platform powering the next generation of virtual events

Event Management Technology: Plan Impactful Online and In-Person Events.
Whether you want to run online or in-person events, our event management technology helps you to build beautiful websites, set up the online registration, manage guestlists, design virtual stages, engage your attendees, and more.

Hive is data-driven success Which activities had your delegates riveted? How high did your content engagement soar? Where were your KPIs exceeded, and where could improvements be made? Hive’s increased, in-depth metrics and measurement push your events into a new frontier. Hive is a content champion Develop and deliver quality content which resonates with your delegates. Presentation streaming, online discussions, rich media – whatever form your content takes, Hive champions it. Hive is green Meaner, greener, greater events are here. It’s time the events industry got serious on the environment. Hive events are kind to the planet, working long-term to reduce the carbon impact of the industry. Hive is accessible Capacity. Location. Time. Traditional events place obstacles in the path of your delegates. Hive is different. Limitless capacity, flexible duration and remote viewing means unlimited access, all the time.

A complete virtual event suite, secured with best-in-class systems & access permissions, that lets you manage, market & monetize your virtual event. It can be used to set-up any kind of online event, either standalone or in hybrid with physical events, be it summits, Meetups, Keynote conferences, Awards, Expos, Meetings, live roadshows, training events.

Magnid is an enterprise class, AI-powered, cloud based virtual & hybrid events platform. Its features enable you to attract users to engage with your content by personalizing each individual’s experience and thus making it truly relevant! Impress with scalable virtual 3D worlds, built by easy to use self-service technology. Measure, track and enhance your venues based on state-of-the-art analytics. With magnid you are ready to lead the virtual and hybrid event industry. ‍Virtually unlimited.

Digitevent is a comprehensive tool used to manage invitations, registrations, and attendees at your on-site and virtual events.

VIRTUAL & HYBRID SHOWS MADE SIMPLE! We help you seamlessly host engaging as well as customized Virtual Events, Hybrid Events, Webinars & Streaming Solutions that best suit your requirement. Your success is our success. Happy to help you! We offer: Extensive Branding Seamless Networking Immersive Experience Interactive Exhibitor Elements Quick Turn-Around Time Technology Consultation Personalization & Customization Turn-Key Solutions and much more.

Discover our premium plan to boost the visibility of your solution in the search results

Virtual Events software is an award-winning platform that provides a better way to create stimulating, measurable and secure Virtual Event experiences. The user-friendly interface allows the audience to easily navigate within the environment and is designed to promote social interaction and collaboration among participants. Group chat, live and on-demand content streaming and social sharing are just a few of the features that will keep your audience engaged from a computer or phone. With the most industry experience, our platform is designed to support 200,000+ users concurrently on any device, anywhere in the world, making Intrado Digital Media the most trusted partner in Virtual Events.

We provide a cutting-edge platform that combines the best of technology and human expertise to run successful and stress-free events. Today, Swapcard is the first all-in-one platform for virtual, hybrid and in-person events. It's the only platform that can support your event in any format you choose. Swapcard helps attendees to learn, interact and connect with people from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s an internal meeting of 50 people, a large-scale, multi-track conference or an exhibition with 300,000 participants. The Swapcard platform is used by the largest exhibitions in the world. Besides website building and registration, our platform provides all the features you need to create your event. However, we are synchronized with most registration platforms, making it easy for you to choose your providers.

A Virtual Venue for All Your Virtual Events : In virtual worlds, companies can set the stage—or expo hall—for new ways of gathering online and driving revenue. Increase Event Signups and Satisfaction : Virtual events let attendees feel like they really went somewhere. Stages, booths, and even a beach accommodate thousands with lots to see and do. Monetize Your Event, Sell Sponsorships and Booth Space : Partner with vendors and exhibitors to create compelling trade shows. Immersive booths feature interactive tech and allow natural conversations. Expand Your Event's Reach and Brand Exposure : Attendees from anywhere can enjoy conferences and trade shows without travel. Navigating is intuitive for easy access and interaction. Delight Attendees with a Unique Virtual Experience : Differentiate your event with virtual environments complete with fireworks, breathtaking views, dance-offs, and speed boats.

TOCCA's flexible architecture helps companies design their own branded venue and then configure the various rooms anyway they like. Designed to replicate the essence of in-person events in a compelling digital rendering, Tocca allows you to easily navigate from room to room, (ex: keynote, simultaneous tracks, fully interactive round tables...), visit sponsor booths and lounges, and take a break in the networking lounge and chat with other attendees. A new experience, designed for your unique event needs. Increase engagement at your virtual professional events with your customized branded solution designed to increase the intimacy of interactions among all participants.

Evessio’s four platforms – Awards Room, Awards Hubs, Events Room and Events Hub – are tailored to meet the needs of today’s events teams. From launch through to the live, virtual or hybrid event experience, the platforms offer organisers the opportunity to adapt and flex their event offerings to suit their business and community needs.

Discover the future of virtual & hybrid event management! We revolutionise event management: Never before has the handling of your events been so easy, so fast and at the same time so flexible. Leverage the power of an all-in-one event platform to manage & run your virtual & hybrid events and deliver outstanding events for demanding audiences.

Grip is the leading AI-powered event networking solution for Virtual, Hybrid and In-person events. We empower professionals with quality interactions and the event industry with full-cycle support and valuable insights. At its core, our proprietary technology drives intelligent recommendations through Grip’s self-learning matchmaking engine. 
As a multi award-winning global leader in AI-powered matchmaking, we pride ourselves in being innovators with event success as our primary focal point. Our technology enables a higher return on time for professionals, and a higher return on investment for exhibitors, sponsors and event organisers. Networking is an art, but matchmaking is a science. We use natural language processing, advanced algorithms and deep neural networks to constantly learn about the professional goals and interests of visitors, exhibitors and sponsors. Their success is our business; your objectives are our starting point.

Video-conferencing doesn't work on the personalization of the customer's needs. UrMeet is the ultimate platform to create virtual meetings for communities and enterprises where people can host their webinars, events, trade fairs, 1:1 calls, and a lot more. We provide more features to enterprises by customizing the whole platform with thier own branding.

Deal Room is an advanced platform designed to manage virtual, in-person and hybrid events. Create engaging events with Deal Room’s comprehensive networking functionalities. -1-on-1 Meetings, Attendee Engagement with Pre-booking, Effective Matchmaking & Networking -Unlimited Number of Parallel Sessions, Roundtables, Breakout Rooms -Lead Capture with Comprehensive Analytics Tool -Integration with Ticketing, Streaming and Studio Platforms -Real Customer Support with Dedicated Event Success Team -Virtual Expo Area for Sponsors & Exhibitors We provide event organizers a networking tool to increase attendee productivity and enhance the event experience. On Deal Room platform, event participants have access to each others'​ profile to make contacts and meet. Exhibitors can invite participants to their booths and manage meetings. This function also helps them to manage their workforce to fit scheduled meetings.

Virtual Console is a virtual event platform that brings events and their audience close, wherever they may be. Just by giving your attendees a venue that is both web and mobile-friendly with our intuitive interface and personalized tools, you can host multiple speakers in both live-stream and pre-recorded sessions. The use of such software enables attendees to interact with event hosts at predetermined times.

The Mobile Event App for iOS, Android and the Web covers every mobile device, including smart phones and tablets. This web app can also be used on a standard PC. The app can be easily adapted to any corporate identity with just a couple of mouse clicks. The colors, images and contents can be customized to that corporate identity. With features like voting, chat and the customized agenda, the comprehensive set of features allows the MEA to be configured easily.

With Tame you can fully customise your virtual events, and make them fun, engaging & exciting to attend. - Apply your branding: Customise your virtual event completely - Personalised Welcome: Personal welcome message when attendees enter - Multiple stages: Broadcast content across multiple stages. - Live streaming: Stream live via any broadcasting software - Pre-recorded videos: Broadcast pre-recorded videos as if it was live - Breakout sessions: Enable public or private breakout sessions. - Virtual Sponsor booths: Allow attendees to engage with sponsors live. - Customise Chat: Allow for 1:1 chat, group chat or session chat. - 1:1 Video Meetings: Empower soc

Accelevents is an all-in-one virtual & hybrid events platform that empowers event organizers and marketing professionals to create authentic human connections and memorable experiences. As a leading event technology platform, Accelevents is redefining the way brands connect with their audiences with a user-friendly yet robust set of customizable and interactive features. Attendees can watch keynote talks, attend multiple breakout sessions, engage within workshops, interact with virtual exhibitors, network with groups or individuals, answer polls, download materials, and participate in live chats. Accelevents supports multi-faceted online and in-person conferences, summits, fundraisers, educational seminars, team building events, community networking, festivals, and more.

Events. Redefined by Data. G2Planet event marketing software has pioneered the use of data science to plan, conduct, and measure live events across the enterprise. Data Science is the “must-have” stuff for managing today’s Fortune-class enterprise. Today, few decisions are made in finance, sales or marketing without data-backed evidence to justify investments and measure performance. Our event marketing platforms are easy-to-use for single events, or your entire event marketing department. Tap into our decades of experience supporting event marketing and management across the enterprise.

evenTwo is an All-in-One platform for all kinds of virtual, hybrid and face-to-face events. We cover all the technology required from attendee registration and QR access to native mobile Apps and online WebApps for virtual events. We're leaders in Spain and part of Latin America and are present in 12 different markets. We currently develop more than 1,000 apps in 50 countries per year. evenTwo provides all kinds of tools that enhance your event: live streaming, 1:1 meetings via videoconference, virtual rooms, exhibitor stands, messaging, Q&A, notifications, surveys, polls, gamification, sponsors... You'll be able to easily manage and track them and attendees will instantly know how to make the most out of your event app. We create native apps so that the user experience is as good as it can be. As a result, our apps are more intuitive, fast and reliable. Besides, they can be adapted for all kinds of corporate events.

Bringing extraordinary digital event management solutions for all types of events. Our Events Management Platform includes our Virtual Arena, Hybrid Solutions, Mobile App and much more. Canapii is the only supplier with genuine 24/7 customer service. Our global team lives and breathes events of all kinds and that is why we understand your struggles! We know each event, no matter its location or size is unique. Our EMP includes features such as: -Live Streaming - A truly innovative Meeting Planner - Agenda Builder - Chatbot - Live Q&A - Polls and Surveys - Gamification - Live Translation

BigMarker is the leader in virtual event hosting, marketing & automation. Companies, organizations, and universities use BigMarker to host highly-customized live, on-demand, and automated online presentations, trainings and events, creating meaningful conversations and stronger relationships with prospects, customers, and other important stakeholders. BigMarker also provides integrations, APIs, analytics, and white label services that enable companies to integrate powerful interactive video experiences into their marketing, sales, and learning stacks.

We bring your Digital Event to life Digital Events offer a unique experience for participants and open up unexpected possibilities in customer communications, provided that the basic general conditions are set correctly. One thing is clear: a one-hour online meeting for 30 people requires a completely different framework from a day conference for 500 participants. We show you what is important and accompany you on your way to transform an analog event to an unforgettable Digital Event eXPerience.

Townscript, a self serve event ticketing platform, helps its clients with registrations and selling of tickets for their events. It is present in 27+ countries and is widely used worldwide mainly in countries like the United States of America, Canada, Indonesia, India, Singapore. Offering: Online do it yourself (DIY), event ticketing and registration platform to sell event tickets online without any hassle irrespective of the event size - big or small. Also, helping event enthusiasts discover events taking place in their cities globally Mission: Making online event registrations and ticketing an easy and seamless experience for event organizers, and bridging the gap between organizers and enthusiasts.

Host your most interactive online event yet, with real-time Q&A, polling, quiz and brainstorming tools combined with high quality live video. - Expand the engagement spectrum : Engage your audience before, during and after your meetings and events. - Optimize the interactivity level : Engage your audience with 16+ powerful tools for live interaction and data capture. - Maximize engagement on every format : Engage your audience during in-person, hybrid and virtual meetings.

Events have always been at the core of our identity. We have applied our extensive knowledge and considerable experience within the event industry to our innovative software solution, allowing event organizers to successfully organize and execute physical, virtual, and hybrid events.

Managing events can be an impossible task without the right tools to organize and execute properly. That’s why we created Speaker Engage. Speaker Engage is a fully-integrated, cloud-based platform with speaker, sponsor and community curation with centralized content management powered by seamless workflow automation to remove the chaos from event planning and execution.

SCOOCS is your online events platform to create immersive virtual and hybrid event experiences and communities: Easy, exciting and sustainable. Simply better virtual and hybrid events! For SCOOCS, with great leading technology also comes sustainability. Sustainability is at the very core of our mission: the drive of everything we do. Help us to achieve our goal of saving 1 million tonnes CO2!

Fairtual Technologies is a Belgian company specialized in organizing and building virtual events such as trade fairs, job fairs, congresses, product and company presentations, corporate events, etc Our solutions include : Pavilions & Entrance hall Exhibition hall - booths Conference rooms Network Café - Meeting corner Virtual Showrooms – 3D experience websites

Engage your audience, delight your partners, drive performance Create your 100%-branded event website Create great digital events which capture your participants' attention Manage registrations and ticketing Target your communications to registrants A seamless on-site experience Provide opportunities for qualified business meetings Boost networking among participants Maximize value for partners and sponsors Monitor event data in real-time

Simpler, smarter, better webinar software. Get the most of your webinars now. We built a new kind of webinar solution focused on user experience, marketing insights, and automation. Web-based Webinar Solution Interact with your Audience Webinar Registration Process Analytics & Reports Webinar Recordings Emailing Logistics Data Integration Corporate Webinars

Hubilo is a global intelligent virtual events platform(hub) that brings Experience & Intelligence together. Hubilo is re-imagining the marketing landscape that will emerge around virtual events and unlock massive insights for key stakeholders such as CMOs, event organisers, and sponsors to track attendee engagement, lead quality and other event-related data.

Highly customizable design with robust features to facilitate attendee engagement including: • Registration and ticketing • Customizable Personal Agenda • Attendee Matchmaking • Meeting scheduling • Networking and breakout rooms • Briefcase or swag bag • 1:1 and small group Video Chat • Live or pre-recorded Webinars with engagement features such as Q&A, polls, & surveys • Gamification with leaderboard • Mobile app • Live day broadcast messages • Language translation • ADA support • Social Media Wall, Photo Booth, and more.

An all-in-one platform that offers robust virtual event hosting features including ticket sales, live streaming, live chat & polling, virtual exhibitor booths, breakout sessions, A.I. powered networking, gamification, and more.

Juno is the service leader of live and on-demand digital platforms born from a history of community-building software. JUNO connects, educates and grows communities daily. Whether event participants engage virtually or in-person, Juno creates transformational experiences and drives results with our engagement, monetization, matchmaking, video streaming and analytics tools. We reduce friction and support business growth with built-in revenue-generating opportunities. JUNO believes in the power of human connection, whether that occurs in-person or in digital space -- or where those two cross in hybrid events. Those intersections of connectivity are where growth, education and inspiration occur. The best part? Those community members could keep engaging in JUNO year-round.

We empower your community to form meaningful connections with one another - without any physical limits. After all, greater accessibility leads to an engaged and stronger community! Our platform provides you the ability to democratize your events while simultaneously providing you control to make your workshops and events as engaging and interactive as ever.

MEETERS is the fully customizable platform created to connect people in business. Useful for Fairs, Congresses and Events that need not to replicate the physical experience in digital but to give continuity to the physical, throughout the year. Create your Community and welcome People and Companies from all over the world: acquire leads and increase business opportunities!

KES Online is an innovative, hybrid, online platform for all your event, conferences and exhibition requirements.

Virtual events more real and engaging than ever before. Organise virtual & hybrid events with a fully personalised and thoroughly engaging experience for every attendee. Benefit from smart matchmaking, fine-grained insights, and much more to build a close-knit community and lots of buzz around your brand.

Talque offers high technological standards and is permanently developed further in cooperation with leading trade fair and conference organizers. We solve the pain points of all event managers and business teams with a collaborative content management system, API & website integrations, instant event websites, participant management, ticketing connections, bookings and an all-in-one event app/web app - cloud-based and live synchronized. Accordingly, talque is successful and hundreds of events have already been realized on the event platform, because it provides innovative possibilities, which are modular and individually adaptable depending on the event format. The team around talque has extensive expertise in hybrid and purely online based event and exhibition business and works for clients in 18 countries.

Morressier is the world’s leading platform for early-stage research. Providing comprehensive virtual and hybrid conference solutions, powerful data and analytics, and new revenue opportunities, more than 200 leading organizations trust Morressier with their conference content. Morressier’s powerful suite of tools and custom integrations help partners to host, share, and fully integrate this traditionally hidden research, including abstracts, posters, presentations, and conference proceedings. At the same time, by increasing dissemination and providing valuable aggregate insights, Morressier facilitates scholarly discourse and accelerates scientific breakthroughs.

An immersive platform that enables attendees to browse sessions, build their own schedule and set up meetings. Virtual lobbies Live-streaming Concurrent sessions Exhibit booths On-demand content Complete control over your event

Bevy.com is a virtual conference and community events software platform. Bevy incorporates a variety of tools to plan, promote, and execute virtual and in-person events and is a flexible software solution that can be used to manage and host thousands of different types of community events. Built with enterprise level analytics, integrations and data security, the Bevy platform is used by a range of enterprise, consumer and education teams who want to build, grow and scale a global Customer-to-Customer (C2C) community. Featuring a deep permissions system and webcasting capabilities, community and field marketing teams can empower local brand advocates to build, grow and scale local communities all over the world.

One platform to host all your digital events: individual presentations, multi-day conferences, job fairs, classrooms, and more. Engage with one-on-one and group meetings or through live, simulive, and on-demand streaming.

Whatever you throw at us we make playable on your phone, tablet, desktop and TV quality preserved as physically possible. We accept photos up to RAW and videos up to 4K with multi channel, multi language audio and internal or external subtitles.

Registration is a critical component of both in-person and virtual events. As a nationally recognized registration technology leader, eventcore is able to offer a multitude of features to streamline and enhance your virtual event: Leverage dynamic engagement features, specifically networking and personalized calendars. Effortlessly collect registration fees with confidence. Send personalized communication before, during, and after your event. Give your attendees a unified experience with customized branding and seamless integrations with all your vendors. Experience a professional customer support team dedicated to helping you navigate and organize the nuances of a virtual platform and support your attendees.

Everything in one platform: registration, email & SMS campaigns, dedicated event website, branded live streaming & on-demand events, workshops, interactivity, reporting & analytics...

Our award-winning platform gives you best-in-class virtual and hybrid event tools to create outstanding events that your audience will love. We are your trusted partner for both the virtual world of today and the hybrid world of tomorrow. Glisser is an award-winning virtual and hybrid event hosting platform with an integrated audience response system. Our platform works with major streaming providers to allow for live streaming, presents slides to personal devices instantly, then uses audience interaction to improve the delegate experience and provide powerful event analytics. Virtual Events From a small internal conference to a global trade show, the Glisser virtual venue is right for events of any size. Attendees can move around your event as they choose. Watching and interacting with presentations on single or multiple stages in real time, accessing on-demand content, and entering virtual booths or breakout rooms optimized for maximum engagement. They can even access your content

We empower event organisers with a 365 Community and Marketplace Platform, powered with market-leading solutions for hosting live, hybrid and virtual events. These solutions enable them to seamlessly connect and engage their visitors, exhibitors and sponsors all-year-round with AI-powered matchmaking, networking, monetisation opportunities and content hub. Supporting the world's leading event organisers to not only digitise their event management processes but also build activated communities and marketplaces around their events, we're innovating and leading transformation in the events industry. Our Web Platform & Mobile Applications (Android & iOS) provide: 365 Community Online Marketplace Online Meetings Virtual Conferencing Sponsorship and Monetisation Online Registration Conference Session Management Exhibitor Manual Event Analytics & Insights Native Event App Event Website Event Planner & Scheduling AI-driven Matchmaking Product Catalogues Hosted Buyer Management

Eventtus is a leading event tech company that empowers the biggest conferences and exhibitions in 35 countries to create amazing event experiences using a powerful, robust and intuitive array of event tech solutions that proved, again and again, its top-notch quality and yielded happy customers everywhere. Through its innovative and adaptive approach, Eventtus offers solutions to both virtual and in-person events. You can create an online event that exquisitely imitates the in-person experience, through a wide array of essential components such as: reliable video streaming, powerful engagement tools, broad-ranging agenda and sessions options, effective networking hub, data and analytics dashboards.The different solutions that Eventtus offers to event planners all integrate together seamlessly to provide a full-on event experience to all stakeholders. These solutions include: 1. Mobile event app 2. Virtual events platform 3. Ticketing and registration 4. Lead retrieval app 5. Business

All-in-one event management platform. Organize your physical or virtual events. Save time and offer a better experience for your participants : online registration, Badges with QR codes, event website, dedicated access for speakers & exhibitors, virtual event platform, access control, Leads & Networking, Data

With EventsAIR, whether you want a turnkey event software system to get up and running quickly for one meeting, or you're organizing a large-scale global conference, we have software packages to suit a full range of needs. Our flexible pricing means you won't pay for features and services you don't need. We also offer options to upgrade on an as-needed basis. EventsAIR contains all the features necessary to manage your event including online registration, built-in mobile apps, accounting, planning, reporting and a suite of management tools to make onsite registration and event check-in a breeze - all backed by our global 24/7 support.

With more than 19 years of experience in the event industry, Evenium supports planners at every stage of the event organization process: from registration to digital onsite check-in, networking to interactivity, and reporting. Our expertise helps us develop solutions that match our clients’ pain points so you can achieve your business objectives. Always striving to innovate, we keep optimizing event organization while improving the way organizers, attendees and presenters experience events.

With Certain Digital, marketers can deliver truly engaging experiences and connect with attendees virtually through its enterprise-grade event automation platform and seamless integrations with leading webcasting and online meeting platforms including Zoom and ON24. As businesses reevaluate their events strategy, the question facing so many marketers is how to deliver results from a series of online events that replicates the energy and attendee experience of face-to-face events. The challenge is finding the right solution to not only offer the most engaging and dynamic experience across events, regardless of size, volume or event type(s) but to capture intent data at scale to fuel demand generation efforts. With Certain Digital, marketers are empowered to: - Personalize the event journey from the start - Engage at all levels - Power real-time sales & marketing follow up - Offer a seamless attendee experience across all digital events - Scale your digital events with peace of mind

Meet ?????, your complete virtual-hybrid events solution with seamless dual-language English and Arabic capabilities. Malga is a virtual events platform that has been designed by events organisers, for events organisers. It's an intuitive and user-focused platform that combines simple yet powerful technology with real-world expertise to help you run a successful online event - whether it's hybrid or completely virtual. You'll be in control of a suite of tools that will help you to provide valuable networking experiences for your delegates and sponsors, plus multiple ways to keep everyone truly engaged and interactive. We also offer exceptional organiser, sponsor and attendee support. Everything centres on success at all stages of your event: setup, management and ROI evaluation.

The easiest all-in-one event management solutions for in-person or virtual events! Boomset solves the challenges event professionals face to complete a successful event lifecycle with an award-winning customizable platform of apps and services. Automate manual efforts and create better event experiences with a contemporary and intuitive turnkey system. Use the GDPR-compliant software and mobile apps for event registration, self-check-in, on-demand (color) badge printing, facial recognition, session management, RFID tracking, lead retrieval, gamification, on-site services and more. Boomset offers an end-to-end comprehensive solution along with unmatched customer support worldwide for a flawless event lifecycle. Boomset: Easy Check-In + Guest List Manager is an event check-in app for seamless and fast check-in. Use Boomset Event Registration or integrate with popular registration platforms to import and sync multiple guest lists from sources like Eventbrite, Fonteva, and Aventri.

The Key Features and Benefits Of Our Virtual Environment Include: Fully customisable and branded online events using the iVent platform Rich media webcasting and content delivery to national and international audiences via PC, tablet and mobile Networking via web chat, video chat & audio conversation. Popular Social Media tools are integrated into the iVent platform Monetise the entire event or individual sessions with our secure payment module Relevant and useable event metrics for hosts, sponsors and event clients Simple, affordable solutions that fit your specific needs Time saving for both hosts as well as delegates Cost savings for show hosts and attending delegates and visitors Live support for all your online events. UK based team but international support

Built for Events. Not Webinars. Meeting software was never meant to host events. Discover how Socio helps you future proof your events, whether hybrid, virtual, or in-person. Single Platform : From event registration to the post-event survey, effortlessly power event success from a single, branded event management platform. Flexible Streaming : Use Socio’s native streaming to level up production value with custom banners, logos, overlays, and backgrounds, or broadcast your preferred streaming solution using an integration or the Socio RTMP Player. Best-in-Class Support : Industry-leading support is always close by—24/5. Need extra support? Socio's Professional Services Team will help you plan, prep, and launch your event.

Event Catalyst is a multi-platform cloud solution for professional event planners. With more than 50 business modules, Event Catalyst provides a 360° view of the event for the organizer and the participant. A flexible tool that adapts precisely to your needs and to the different formats your event may have. With the EC Live extension, you can also manage your virtual and hybrid events by offering your participants new meeting formats.

Presso Network is a cross event networking app for monetising virtual, physical and hybrid events. A networking platform for virtual and physical events, that enables organisers to increase revenue and sponsorships, by offering unified attendee profiles and cross event analytics.

Reimagine The Virtual Meeting Experience MeetingPlay's Virtual Event Engagement Platform We provide the software that makes a difference Integrate with hundreds of platforms, enable simple to complex security capabilities, and tap into robust post-event analytics. Your event, your way. A Virtual Event Platform that feels face-to-face Connect thousands of attendees to your virtual event with intuitive navigation, advanced video delivery options, networking experiences, and engagement tools, all powered with an Al engine. White glove service, from beginning to end Experience MeetingPlay's dedicated support throughout your virtual event planning needs, from a simple idea to full event execution with our seasoned team of experts.

Vmeets is a modern digital experience platform for immersive and interactive virtual events that create real engagements, deliver data, and drive revenue. Vmeets is your tech partner for everything you need to set up, manage, and execute an impactful virtual event at an affordable price. Whether you want to host a small boardroom meeting, a mid-sized conference, or a large trade-show of thousands of attendees and exhibitors, Vmeets virtual event platform has you covered. ~ Easy to use plug & play platform ~ Built by event professionals ~ Enterprise-grade insights ~ Multi-device compatible ~ No downloads required ~ Scalable & affordable ~ Reliable support team

At Filo.co, we're building the future where online meeting fatigue is replaced with meaningful engagement and increased productivity. Our fast, flexible virtual spaces help organizations produce collaborative events, all-hands meetings, kick-offs, team brainstorms, war rooms, sprint weeks, workshops, and virtual offices quickly. This enables our customers focus on content and outcomes rather than complicated setups, logins, and links.

SpotMe is a virtual event platform that brings events to your audience, wherever they are. Give your attendees a venue that is both web and mobile friendly with our intuitive interface and personalized tools. Check out our virtual event must-haves : ACTIVITY FEED LIVE STREAMING ENGAGEMENT TOOLS BREAKOUT ROOMS ALERTS & NOTIFICATIONS TEMPLATES

AppCraft Everywhere. The toolbox for creating 100% digital or hybrid BtoB events for event agencies and communication services. Creating a virtual event is not just about using video conferencing solutions such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Hangouts Meet. A poorly organised digital event is like renting a room without any scenography: everyone will show up but the emotion will probably not be there. Choosing AppCraft Everywhere means guaranteeing expertise, highlights, emotion and all this in an adapted and secure solution, so you never spoil the party!

Worksup is an event interaction and networking app for conferences, trainings, workshops and for other events.

From the house of AIDA comes Nunify - an online platform that makes hosting flawless virtual events easy. With Nunify, you are always at the liberty to effortlessly manage live-streams, event registrations, live polls, live chat, push notifications and more. Hold conferences, webinars, online courses and access the same - anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. The first and foremost choice of noteworthy organizations of the likes of Amazon, Google, Honda, Dell, Flipkart, and others, Nunify unifies your team to work towards a singular goal

Whether you’re sticking to live, moving to virtual, or adding a hybrid component going forward, we’ve got you covered. Capture robust registration data, feature sponsors, accept payments, and publish beautiful event sites— all with your brand front and center.

mingle.cloud is the virtual event platform created by Mayflower and Bits & Pretzels, the most relevant Startup Conference in Europe. The name mingle.cloud stands for innovative tools that enable networking and interaction in virtual space. Our service and platform allow you to let your partners, participants, speakers or leads mingle in the most effective ways and to provide the best virtual conference experience. The platform technology of mingle.cloud offers ready-to-go software solutions or customized software solutions 100% tailored to individual needs. mingle.cloud also provides consulting services for the conception and design of virtual conferences.

Grenadine Event Software is a global online SaaS for event managers and planners. Grenadine offers a suite of professional event management solutions that facilitates in the planning, organization, and execution of virtual, hybrid, and in-person events including conventions, trade shows, and conferences, whether it’s corporations or universities. An easy-to-use and truly integrated event management software streamlines the process! Manage guest speakers, participants, attendees, and plan out the event’s schedule with Grenadine’s cloud solution to event planning! Increased visibility of each event can be achieved with Grenadine’s built-in event publishing tools - get it done automatically through integrated websites, mobile apps, or by using our HTML snippets and APIs. Grenadine Event Software delivers automation and efficiency to event specialists, from corporations, event companies, universities, and professional associations, with an end-to-end event management platform.

Bring Your Event to Life Online Gather your tribe with a virtual conference that’s designed for discovery. Broadcast live to anywhere in the world and deliver bingeable, on-demand content from your online event space.

Shindig is a platform for large scale online events. On Shindig all webcam enabled participants can see and are seen in a shared online space. Featured presenters can give a talk, be interviewed, share multimedia, teach, and more to a live online audience of thousands. Selected audience members can be brought up to share the stage and directly interact with hosts, "face-to-face"​, before the entire group. Meanwhile, audience members themselves can move freely in and out of private video chat conversations with one another, mingling, networking and socializing all without disturbing the other members of the audience. Its the dynamics of in person events at internet scale. Already embraced for online events by pioneers such as notable individuals and institutions as Sheryl Sandberg, Bill Gates, Guy Kawasaki, General Assembly, TED and others Shindig is leading the next generation of online engagement.

The global platform to manage all type of events, Klipso is composed of 5 Key product suites that perfectly adapt to each type of events : CONGRES & CONFERENCES EXHIBITIONS CORPORATE ASSOCIATIONS VENUES Klipso is a new generation SaaS platform and a one stop shop for events allowing to manage the entire meeting and event cycle, form marketing-sales to onsite execution . ADAPTIVE : Klipso is single handily the most configurable EMS (Event Management Software). Thanks to an innovative « object oriented » model, client can even configure their own back-end instance !

RainFocus is a next-generation event marketing platform built from the ground up to capture, analyze, and harness an unprecedented amount of data for significantly better events and conferences. As a true SaaS platform, RainFocus simplifies event registration, content management, exhibitor activation, virtual delivery, and onsite experiences from a single dashboard. RainFocus empowers organizations to save time, increase engagement, and maximize event value for every event.

Deliver a new event experience: ONsite, ONline and ONgoing - 365 days a year. Take your events to the next level and create engaging virtual and hybrid events together with Ungerboeck. Enable your event community to dive into a new event dimension that completes your in person events with virtual components, allowing for better insights and analytics while connecting onsite and online audiences.

Bettercast is a live stream broadcast and video on demand platform for hybrid events. The goals of Bettercast are to provide a highly engaging and cost-effective live stream platform. As well as a branded portal for events to start to monetise their confrence content.

The award-winning video-first Virtual Event Platform for medium-scale and Fortune 500 companies Live Video Streaming of Sessions Live Video Roundtables Virtual Trade Show Booth Simulated Live of Pre-recorded Video On Desktop, Android and iOS Streaming Client Options: Web & Zoom

b2match utilizes years of experience to create an all-in-one event management platform that covers your entire event workflow. We know that b2b matchmaking is the best way to foster connection and collaboration between event participants.

Event content, speaker, agenda, communication and registration on one platform. In no time, you can turn a normal meeting into an experience for your guests. colada.sessions is the first Meeting-Content-Management-Application on the market and allows planning and performing of meetings like never before. Create, manage, modify, and publish meeting content of any kind. Individual meetings or recurring training sessions. Virtual conference or live event. Plenary session or breakout. Benefit from a seamlessly integrated application and super simple handling. And on request, each participant gets to see his or her own personal agenda. Adopt your corporate design directly into colada.sessions. Colours, shapes, fonts, logos are freely customizable. According to your wishes and ideas. Either via the integrated modular system or with an own css. Implement your meeting in the optimal format for the topic or the target group.

Balloon is a highly customizable virtual events platform that makes online events more social. Build and run small to large scale online conferences, tradeshows, fairs, summit, and corporate events online.

Invent App crée des applications mobiles événementielles pour accompagner les entreprises dans la digitalisation de leur événement. Les event apps, applications mobiles pour événements, sont créées et personnalisées pour tout type d’événement : interne, externe, voyage, etc..

Sched is the number one platform for session registration and attendance manage. Manage all the details for your complex multitrack event in one place. Give speakers the tools to promote their sessions. Publish a branded app to the Apple and GooglePlay app stores.

Evia has been involved in virtual events for 27 years. We help you create engaging virtual event solutions that are focused on providing the best experience for you and your end user. We know that sharing valuable event content, maximizes your investment in live and/or on demand events and allows you to engage broader audiences. Whether using our products — Evia Platform and/or Evia Player (Live or On Demand) or our services, we can steer you in the right direction.

At Cvent we strive to be not only a leader in corporate event planning software, but also an innovative force in the meetings industry, offering our clients an unparalleled suite of tools and services. Our online event planning software, utilized by a variety of clients, including corporations, associations and third party planners, gives users the ability to manage events quickly and affordably. The interface is streamlined to make building an event with speed and precision easy, and for complex events, the necessary features are never more than a click or two away. Cvent offers software solutions to event planners for online event registration, venue selection, event management, mobile apps for events, e-mail marketing and web surveys.

We help companies create and execute 3D 360° Showrooms that drive engagement and lead generation through the power of product demonstration, networking, meetings, webinars and incredible end-to-end virtual / hybrid events

aventri is the leading event management platform for data-driven organizations to optimize events. The success oriented and cloud-based platform delivers innovative technology solutions to streamline the event process and increase ROI. Founded in 2008, aventri has assisted over 20,000 event professionals in planning, executing and measuring their events. With a focus on event sourcing, registration, marketing, logistics, engagement, mobile and data, the software solution has been able to serve more than 1,200 customers in corporations, associations, agencies and educational institutions.

We are the only virtual 3D platform capable of connecting 500 people in the same room, with their own avatar, while users play or talk in groups just like they would do with Skype or in real person. This cutting-edge technology allows us to offer highly differentiating solutions in communication, events and training. The 100% social aspect and ease of use allows users to enjoy an extraordinarily interactive experience.

BRELLA FOR VIRTUAL EVENTS Host your full event online with no compromise. Keep attendees informed, host your livestreams, have virtual meetings and much more. Host all your event information Virtual sponsor & exhibitor support Individual streams for sessions Host your main livestream in the heart of your virtual event Local time zone support Quality networking & hosted video conferencing Efficient matchmaking, powered by artificial intelligence

WorkCast is a highly customisable, end to end technology which can be used to aid the delivery of Online Presentations & Events, from webinars and webcasting to virtual and physical events. The platform can be self-managed, or we can remotely support your online events. By sending one of our highly-skilled event support teams to your physical event, we can also deliver all manner of online webcasting solutions. As well as a content delivery mechanism, the WorkCast platform is also a great event management tool, with end-to-end functions to help you successfully deliver your event on message and on brand. This is underpinned by detailed analytics tools to help you convert audience members into customers. It is a user friendly system designed to take the stress out of setting up, running and executing an online event. We offer outstanding support for both attendees and event managers, to ensure the focus is on content rather than the technical setup.

The ON24 Digital Experience Platform makes it easy to create, scale and personalize engaging experiences that drive measurable business growth. Today we are converting millions of prospects to buyers for thousands of companies, enabling our customers to monetize engagement. Through ON24 webinar, virtual event, multi-media experiences, we provide a system of engagement for audiences to choose and accelerate their own journeys. ON24 customers then turn that engagement and interest into actionable insights, which enables businesses to scale engagement, conversions and pipeline to drive revenue growth.