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Deal Room is an advanced platform designed to manage virtual, in-person and hybrid events. Create engaging events with Deal Room’s comprehensive networking functionalities. -1-on-1 Meetings, Attendee Engagement with Pre-booking, Effective Matchmaking & Networking -Unlimited Number of Parallel Sessions, Roundtables, Breakout Rooms -Lead Capture with Comprehensive Analytics Tool -Integration with Ticketing, Streaming and Studio Platforms -Real Customer Support with Dedicated Event Success Team -Virtual Expo Area for Sponsors & Exhibitors We provide event organizers a networking tool to increase attendee productivity and enhance the event experience. On Deal Room platform, event participants have access to each others'​ profile to make contacts and meet. Exhibitors can invite participants to their booths and manage meetings. This function also helps them to manage their workforce to fit scheduled meetings.

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At Deal Room, our best feature is our global team of highly professional and knowledgeable individuals who continuously drive our company forward with their hard work, passion, dedication, and perceptiveness. From small meetups to large size events, we are extremely proud to be able to advise our clients in the key process of engaging their community into networking and building long-lasting bridges. With its European roots and a global reach, we believe that Deal Room is able to offer the best of in-depth event industry expertise, a proven ability to quickly comprehend the client’s visitor flow, matchmaking, and networking needs, as well as promptness and agility in conceiving high-end tailor-made solutions.

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  • Headquaters : Espoo, Finland
  • Creation Date: 2017
  • CEO Name: Erdal Kılınç
  • Number of employees : 10-50
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