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Meet 𝗠𝗮𝗹𝗴𝗮, your complete virtual-hybrid events solution with seamless dual-language English and Arabic capabilities. Malga is a virtual events platform that has been designed by events organisers, for events organisers. It's an intuitive and user-focused platform that combines simple yet powerful technology with real-world expertise to help you run a successful online event - whether it's hybrid or completely virtual. You'll be in control of a suite of tools that will help you to provide valuable networking experiences for your delegates and sponsors, plus multiple ways to keep everyone truly engaged and interactive. We also offer exceptional organiser, sponsor and attendee support. Everything centres on success at all stages of your event: setup, management and ROI evaluation.

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Malga is brought to you by ADD International, a UK-based events company with an International Partner Network. We have run truly innovative and inspiring client and public events and build event businesses internationally. Our proven, people-focussed and fully integrated approach ensures a positive experience for delegates, sponsors and organisers alike. We have harnessed this proven approach and experience to drive Malga - your complete virtual events solution.

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