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Virtual, Hybrid, or In-Person Events We Got You!

About this software

ViewStub is a live event platform that helps connect event organizers, speakers, and experiences to virtual attendees! As an interactive online community, anyone can attend live experiences virtually from anywhere, anytime. Connect with creator videos and experience real events virtually. Upload content or schedule a live stream to share your page with anyone, anytime, from anywhere! Start today to capture a new audience and drive new profit streams to your events or videos. ViewStubs Mission: "ViewStub is an online video marketplace where anyone can conveniently experience exclusive videos at any time. Watch from anywhere, without attending in person, and without a schedule or budget limitations. ViewStub is the easiest platform for event organizers and video content creators to generate new profit immediately from the first and every viewer!"​

Detailed features for this software

Virtual event platform

  • Virtual conference center
  • Branding & Customization features
  • Branding & Customization features

Digital live content

  • Professional live streaming
    • Both live & pre-recorded sessions
    • Multi-track streams / sessions
  • Record & replay
    • Video on demand (VOD)

Virtual event networking and engagement

  • Group Networking features
    • Group chat (text)

Virtual event sponsoring and revenue generation

  • Sponsorship features
  • Sponsorship features

Event marketing

Online event registration

  • Registration form creation

Event Reporting - BI - ROI

Security - Transactions

  • Payment gateways
  • PayPal


Support and customer services


Company infos

On ViewStub, anyone can easily upload videos or stream live from any camera to their own exclusive page. Creators sell virtual access to their event or videos, all-access subscriptions, and merchandise. Viewers can connect from anywhere in the world, with any screen or VR headset. ViewStub gives creators control over their valuable brand, providing an environment without ads or competition, allowing viewers to enjoy any experience as if they were actually there. Event organizers are no longer limited by location or venue size, creating unlimited revenue potential! When you Create with ViewStub, you Connect with Viewers! Start today and see why ViewStub is the smart way to share!

  • Headquaters : Orlando, Florida, USA