What are the benefits of using an all-in-one platform for your virtual event?

By : Julien Carlier Oct 10, 2021

As most events have turned online and virtual, technology and innovation have evolved at a fast rate. The rise of-all-in-one virtual event platforms has been particularly exponential providing a wide range of new functionalities and opportunities to event organisers.

So what are the benefits of using one for your future virtual and hybrid events?

An all-in one event platform is an online space dedicated to the virtual event that allows registered participants attendees (security and authentication) to attend the event.

This "website" becomes the crossroads of the event in which we find at the same time the event program, but also directly the sessions and conferences which can be broadcasted live, pre-recorded or as videos on-demand. Most platforms also add networking and engagement features to meet and connect with other attendees, speakers or partners (through integrated chat or video).

An all-in-one event platform also provides many features such as partner areas or virtual exhibition stands, speakers management with virtual “backstage”, multilingual management, the ability to fully brand the overall design of the platform using the event host brand guidelines and many other functionalities to facilitate every aspect of online event.

An all-in-one platform is very interesting if you want to plan and host an event that has several sessions and chapters, whether it is for a convention day with the possibility of creating small working groups, networking sessions, or a demonstration area for a product launch. Events requires to offer multiple experiences to attendees who can then tailor their participation and agenda according to their interests, their needs and expectations in a captive, secured and dedicated online environment. 

There are a lot of different platforms out there and they do not all offer the same features and level of services and functionalities.
soors.it helps you to get a better understanding and visibility of the different tools and software available on the market to compare and source the right technology to produce and manage your virtual event. You can select amongst various features and event functionalities and in one click, find out which solution is the most adapted to your needs and event objectives.

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