Communique Conferencing

by Communique Conferencing

Set yourself apart from the crowd and deliver the most immersive, engaging virtual events on the planet

About this software

Highly customizable design with robust features to facilitate attendee engagement including: • Registration and ticketing • Customizable Personal Agenda • Attendee Matchmaking • Meeting scheduling • Networking and breakout rooms • Briefcase or swag bag • 1:1 and small group Video Chat • Live or pre-recorded Webinars with engagement features such as Q&A, polls, & surveys • Gamification with leaderboard • Mobile app • Live day broadcast messages • Language translation • ADA support • Social Media Wall, Photo Booth, and more.

Detailed features for this software

Virtual event platform

  • 3D immersive/virtual environment
    • Main areas in 3D
  • Virtual conference center
    • Welcome desk with chat / visio
    • Agenda and programme
    • Sponsor area
    • Networking area
    • Replay center / media library
    • Lounges
    • Plenary room
    • Breakout rooms
  • Branding & Customization features
  • Multilingual

Digital live content

  • Professional live streaming
    • Both live & pre-recorded sessions
    • Multi-track streams / sessions
  • Record & replay

Virtual event networking and engagement

  • Global Engagement features
    • Custom attendee schedule / agenda
    • Surveys
    • Gamification
    • Social wall
  • 1 to 1 Networking features
    • Attendee profiles
    • Attendee matchmaking based on profiles
    • 1 to 1 chat (text)
    • 1 to 1 chat (visio)
    • 1 to 1 meeting sheduling
  • Group Networking features
    • Group chat (text)
    • Group chat (visio)
    • Networking area
  • Live Engagement features
    • Live polls
    • Q&A
    • Push notifications

Virtual event sponsoring and revenue generation

Event marketing

Online event registration

  • Registration form creation
    • Conditional registration based on profile

Event Reporting - BI - ROI

  • Pre-defined reports

Security - Transactions

  • SSO capabilities


  • Integration with mobile Apps

Support and customer services


Company infos

Communique offers a choice of three different virtual event platform options that cater to different virtual event needs and objectives. Further, we can integrate a variety of technologies such as a virtual photo booth, social media wall, payment processing, etc. to provide a complete virtual event solution. Our 24 team member customer success squad helps with the heavy lift setting your virtual event so that you can focus on the content, sessions and speakers.

  • Headquaters : Bethesda, USA