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The JAM platform addresses the following challenges: While large meetings may last entire or multiple days, JAM sessions have a short live component of typically 120 minutes to ensure participant engagement. JAM incorporates proven techniques to accelerate the live meeting process while ensuring participants have time to consume the requisite information. Groups of 10-50 people can participate in discussions to resolve issues at face to face meetings. But online, it is difficult to replicate this exchange even if everyone can share video and voice technology. Crystal's solution utilises a new type of interactive capability via brainstorming, voting and discussion functions to enable large groups to reach consensus and identify actionable outcomes.

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Crystal Interactive has delivered event technology solutions since 1990, pioneering text-based touchpad communication systems that allowed audiences to provide real-time feedback. We aim to keep at the forefront of the market, and our current product range includes the most innovative solutions available. We go beyond the provision of an event app or device; we get to the core of your needs and tailor our recommendations to your requirements. We aim to transform and elevate events and we are proud to work with clients in various sectors around the world with our best-in-class technology. We put collaboration at the heart of everything we do. Whatever the meeting type, purpose, location or scale, whenever our clients come together to learn, share ideas, network and collaborate, our technology solutions can help. IML Interactive UK was acquired in 2017, which led Crystal Interactive to become the largest full-service event technology company in the UK.

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  • Headquaters : Godalming, UK
  • Offices : Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Creation Date: 1990
  • CEO Name: Chris Elmitt
  • Number of employees : 10-50
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