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Evia has been involved in virtual events for 27 years. We help you create engaging virtual event solutions that are focused on providing the best experience for you and your end user. We know that sharing valuable event content, maximizes your investment in live and/or on demand events and allows you to engage broader audiences. Whether using our products — Evia Platform and/or Evia Player (Live or On Demand) or our services, we can steer you in the right direction.

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Evia specializes in creating digital event experiences. We are a leader in the event content transformation. Founded in 1993 as Tri-Digital by Mark Monrean, Roger Swearingen and Jeffrey Fessler, Evia has evolved over the years to serve the needs of a growing number of clients interested in harnessing the power of video to engage their audience. Our distinguished products weaved into our leading services, help global companies stream, capture and distribute their video online. We have the expertise to support all scales of organizations – Small and Medium Business as well as Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, Facebook, Salesforce and many more. We bring the human touch back into technology. With a diverse team of seasoned professionals we help to provide a meaningful virtual experience for you and your audience.

Company details

  • Headquaters : Seattle, USA
  • Creation Date: 1993
  • CEO Name: Hilary Laney
  • Number of employees : 10-50
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