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About this software

Juno is the service leader of live and on-demand digital platforms born from a history of community-building software. JUNO connects, educates and grows communities daily. Whether event participants engage virtually or in-person, Juno creates transformational experiences and drives results with our engagement, monetization, matchmaking, video streaming and analytics tools. We reduce friction and support business growth with built-in revenue-generating opportunities. JUNO believes in the power of human connection, whether that occurs in-person or in digital space -- or where those two cross in hybrid events. Those intersections of connectivity are where growth, education and inspiration occur. The best part? Those community members could keep engaging in JUNO year-round.

Detailed features for this software

Virtual event platform

  • Virtual conference center
    • Plenary room
    • Replay center / media library

Digital live content

  • Professional live streaming
    • Multi-track streams / sessions

Virtual event networking and engagement

  • 1 to 1 Networking features
    • Attendee profiles
    • Attendee matchmaking based on profiles
    • 1 to 1 chat (text)
    • 1 to 1 chat (visio)
  • Group Networking features
    • Group chat (visio)
  • Global Engagement features
    • Gamification
    • Surveys
  • Live Engagement features
    • Live polls
    • Q&A

Virtual event sponsoring and revenue generation

  • Exhibition features
    • Attendee to / from exhibitor messages
  • Sponsorship features

Event marketing

  • Ability to send text message - push notification

Online event registration

Event Reporting - BI - ROI

Security - Transactions

  • SSO capabilities


  • Integration with other applications >>

Support and customer services

  • Support
    • Chat
    • Telephone
    • email


Company infos

Change, as the only constant, fuels us here at JUNO. By evolution or revolution, change is nothing to fear for the founders of JUNO. In mid-2020, three guys from CrowdHub, a firm committed to building community engagement software over the last 10 years, spun up a solution for customers in need of convening their communities in virtual space. They launched JUNO, software capable of connecting people to each other, to content, to experiences. JUNO, like its namesake satellite orbiting Jupiter, exists in space. As software enabling digital experiences, it exists to help people explore and communicate. This is the dawn of the digital transformation era. Organizations are migrating more and more to digital solutions. Humans continue to migrate to technology tools that help them achieve more. We also see this as the dawn of a new era for events, whether you call them hybrid or omni-channel, events are just … changed.

  • Headquaters : San Diego, USA