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Virtual Events software is an award-winning platform that provides a better way to create stimulating, measurable and secure Virtual Event experiences. The user-friendly interface allows the audience to easily navigate within the environment and is designed to promote social interaction and collaboration among participants. Group chat, live and on-demand content streaming and social sharing are just a few of the features that will keep your audience engaged from a computer or phone. With the most industry experience, our platform is designed to support 200,000+ users concurrently on any device, anywhere in the world, making Intrado Digital Media the most trusted partner in Virtual Events.

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Soors.it website and service of comparison intend to be free for all web users. In order to sustain the quality of our features database and our business model, we collect data to create value to solutions providers. If you are interested in a subscription fee to browse our website anonymously please contact us (marketing@soors.it).


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NXPO is the leading enterprise video streaming platform, for creating TV-style event experiences. Enabling marketers, corporate communicators, and event managers, to extend their reach, drive engagement and increase revenue. Built upon a secure, reliable and scalable foundation that has powered thousands of events and touched millions of viewers. From fully branded webcasts or online events, to secure video portals, our versatile streaming products empower our clients to reach their audiences authentically. Many of the world’s leading brands trust INXPO, to maximize ROI while meeting their business goals. Aon, Cisco, Hyatt, IBM, Microsoft and others.

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  • Headquaters : Chicago, USA
  • Offices : Lake Forest, USA, Los Angeles, USA, London, UK, Bangalore, India
  • Creation Date: 2004
  • CEO Name: Ben Chodor
  • Number of employees : 100-500
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