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From the house of AIDA comes Nunify - an online platform that makes hosting flawless virtual events easy. With Nunify, you are always at the liberty to effortlessly manage live-streams, event registrations, live polls, live chat, push notifications and more. Hold conferences, webinars, online courses and access the same - anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. The first and foremost choice of noteworthy organizations of the likes of Amazon, Google, Honda, Dell, Flipkart, and others, Nunify unifies your team to work towards a singular goal

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Get unlimited access for free website and service of comparison intend to be free for all web users. In order to sustain the quality of our features database and our business model, we collect data to create value to solutions providers. If you are interested in a subscription fee to browse our website anonymously please contact us (


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nunify™ is an end-to-end Virtual event management platform, a turn-key solution accessible 24×7 to broadcast, learn, network and engage. nunify™ lets you host online events like live conferences, product launches, virtual meetings, webinars & online courses with ease.

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  • Headquaters : Bangalore, India
  • Offices : London, UK, Tallinn, Estonia, Benbrook, USA
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