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RainFocus is a next-generation event marketing platform built from the ground up to capture, analyze, and harness an unprecedented amount of data for significantly better events and conferences. As a true SaaS platform, RainFocus simplifies event registration, content management, exhibitor activation, virtual delivery, and onsite experiences from a single dashboard. RainFocus empowers organizations to save time, increase engagement, and maximize event value for every event.

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Soors.it website and service of comparison intend to be free for all web users. In order to sustain the quality of our features database and our business model, we collect data to create value to solutions providers. If you are interested in a subscription fee to browse our website anonymously please contact us (marketing@soors.it).


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RRainFocus was established to simplify event success. After decades of struggling with pieced-together systems and complicated data silos, our founders joined together to build a single platform that could put event data to use to boost business performance. Because our company was founded by seasoned event industry experts, we quickly attracted the attention of the world’s most innovative companies. Starting in 2016 with the most renowned events (Oracle Openworld, VMworld, and Cisco Live), we proved that one software can accommodate the variety of requirements needed to run even the most elaborate events. Over the next few years, we continued to enhance our platform to further simplify event registration, content management, exhibitor activation, virtual delivery, and onsite experiences. Today, the platform is used by leading Fortune 1000 companies to manage hundreds of events of all types and sizes.

Company details

  • Headquaters : Lehi, Utah, USA
  • Creation Date: 2016
  • CEO Name: Doug Baird
  • Number of employees : 100-500
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