by Tocca

Branded, flexible, and interactive virtual space for all your events and meetings

About this software

TOCCA's flexible architecture helps companies design their own branded venue and then configure the various rooms anyway they like. Designed to replicate the essence of in-person events in a compelling digital rendering, Tocca allows you to easily navigate from room to room, (ex: keynote, simultaneous tracks, fully interactive round tables...), visit sponsor booths and lounges, and take a break in the networking lounge and chat with other attendees. A new experience, designed for your unique event needs. Increase engagement at your virtual professional events with your customized branded solution designed to increase the intimacy of interactions among all participants.

Detailed features for this software

Virtual event platform

  • Virtual conference center
    • Welcome desk with chat / visio
    • Plenary room
    • Breakout rooms
    • Networking area
    • Lounges
  • Branding & Customization features

Digital live content

  • Professional live streaming
    • Multi-track streams / sessions

Virtual event networking and engagement

  • Global Engagement features
    • Gamification
  • Live Engagement features
    • Q&A
  • Group Networking features
    • Group chat (visio)
    • Group chat within a session
  • 1 to 1 Networking features
    • Attendee profiles
    • 1 to 1 chat (text)
    • 1 to 1 chat (visio)

Virtual event sponsoring and revenue generation

  • Exhibition features
    • Exhibitor hall / booth
    • Exhibitor profiles
    • Attendee to / from exhibitor messages
  • Sponsorship features
    • Banners in high traffic areas

Event marketing

Online event registration

Event Reporting - BI - ROI

  • Pre-defined reports
  • Customizable reports

Security - Transactions


  • Integration with CRM

Support and customer services

  • Support
  • Support


Company infos

Tocca wants to completely change how companies deliver online events to their communities, prospects, and customers. Online events are different: you cannot simply take an in-person event and make it an online event by using conferencing applications because the way people interact online is different. We recognize this and created an immersive virtual event experience. Tocca brings the essence of an in-person event to the virtual environment in an engaging way, so that your message can be heard and the event experience can be felt. Tocca has designed our virtual event platform in a unique way to allow ease of navigation, maximum engagement and interactions. We provide natural networking capabilities for the attendee and crucial attendee analytics for the host. Lastly, Tocca is strongly committed to contributing to a greener future by minimizing carbon footprint with our virtual technology.

  • Headquaters : San Francisco, California, USA