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A Virtual Venue for All Your Virtual Events : In virtual worlds, companies can set the stage—or expo hall—for new ways of gathering online and driving revenue. Increase Event Signups and Satisfaction : Virtual events let attendees feel like they really went somewhere. Stages, booths, and even a beach accommodate thousands with lots to see and do. Monetize Your Event, Sell Sponsorships and Booth Space : Partner with vendors and exhibitors to create compelling trade shows. Immersive booths feature interactive tech and allow natural conversations. Expand Your Event's Reach and Brand Exposure : Attendees from anywhere can enjoy conferences and trade shows without travel. Navigating is intuitive for easy access and interaction. Delight Attendees with a Unique Virtual Experience : Differentiate your event with virtual environments complete with fireworks, breathtaking views, dance-offs, and speed boats.

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Get unlimited access for free website and service of comparison intend to be free for all web users. In order to sustain the quality of our features database and our business model, we collect data to create value to solutions providers. If you are interested in a subscription fee to browse our website anonymously please contact us (


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Redefining The Future Of Work Virbela was developed to provide an immersive, virtual solution for the real-world challenges facing organizations, remote workers, and learners today. By creating an inclusive, community-driven online space that promotes productivity, collaboration, and realistic interactions, we empower companies to grow and scale their businesses and ideas - faster, more efficiently, and more sustainably.

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  • Headquaters : Remote, USA
  • Creation Date: 2012
  • CEO Name: Alex Howland
  • Number of employees : 100-500
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